Etiquette & F.A.Q.

I am going to give you what you crave and what I want. 



Please keep all contact with Lady Snow strictly professional. If you are brand new to the BDSM lifestyle and have a lot of questions, book Her "Introduction to BDSM" scene. It is then you can discuss kinks, fetishes, toys, and so on. 

Do not waste Her time with questions that Google can easily answer. 

Using proper manners when contacting Lady Snow is key. Addressing Her as "Lady" or "Lady Snow" only, not "Babe", "Doll", "Mistress", "Honey", and so on. 

Using lewd or inappropriate language with Lady Snow will result in a negative response from Lady Snow. This includes asking for "Full Service", abbreviations, or trying to negotiate on the Tribute. 

There is no "Topping from the bottom" with Lady Snow. This means dictating how or what is done in the scene, being pushy or aggressive, laughing or making light of something that Lady Snow takes very seriously. 

Booking: When booking an appointment you are paying for the time.  It is not a license or contract that the Lady has entered into to do anything explicit. Remember that. 

Last Minute Cancellations: No shows and tardiness won't be appreciated and you may find yourself blacklisted. Please understand that, to Lady Snow, this is a business. 

Cleanliness/Hygiene: Lady Snow expects you to be fully prepared and cleaned before the scene. A cleaning fee is applied if you have not sufficiently prepared. 

Communication: Keep all interactions short, concise, and to the point. If you wish to discuss anything beyond booking a scene, a tribute is required. Respect Lady Snow's time. 

Service Limitations: Please do not ask for services that Lady Snow has specifically stated is restricted, or attempt to top from the bottom. The former is inconsiderate and the latter will stop the scene immediately. 


Lady Snow does not offer sex, even though Professional Domination falls into the same category legally as Escorting/Body rub practitioner. 

While offering/selling sex is legal, solicitation in a public space and buying sex is not.  What this means is you cannot legally ask for any sexual service over text, email, phone call or in public. Keep this in mind when you are contacting any provider. 

Solicitation: As stated above, do not text and ask for any sexual services, even in abbreviations or acronyms, they will not protect you from the law; this goes for email or meeting in person in a public space.  behind closed doors only. This is a private conversation, meant to be had behind closed doors. 

Incall vs. Outcall: Incalls cannot, by law, be a residence. Incalls have to be

*A commercial space like a spa, studio or hotel room.
*Not lived in by the Service Provider(SP). 

Outcalls are when the Provider comes to you. 





Q. Does the Lady take beginners? 
A. Yes. The level of play and approach for a beginner will differ from an experienced client. Your needs and limits as a beginner will be taken into account for your scene. 


Q. What are the risks with my experience in the Lady's hands?
A. There will always be some level of risk in any scene. Those risks all depend on the type of play you seek. Lady Snow applies Safe, Sane and Consensual principles to your experience. 


Q. How is the Lady different from an escort who entertains fetishes and fantasies?
A. Being a Professional Dominatrix, Lady Snow focuses on the Power Exchange between both Her and those who worship Her.


Differences include: 
    * The time She spends carefully planning and negotiating the scene before it begins. 
    * The use of safe words, signals, and attention to body language. 
    * Discussion of limits, risks, and consent. 
  * Focus on Power Exchange, Subspace, and the experience not focusing on carnal pleasures. 


Q. What does my experience include?
A. This depends on the activities and experiences want. Each scene with Lady Snow is unique. Every scene includes pre-planning by Lady Snow to ensure both parties goals are met. 


Q. Does the Lady offer duo scenes?
A. Female Dominant duo scenes are available in both Calgary and Saskatoon. 


Q. Will there be markings on my body?
A. No. Not if you choose to not be marked. Temporary body marks can happen, depending on the type of play, however, if your hard limit is no marks than Lady Snow will respect that and leave no marks. 


Q. Does the Lady provide full service, oral, or allow for "intimate" worship?
A. You are meeting a classic Dominatrix, not an escort. While Lady Snow does have a sensual touch, that does not mean sexual service. If you must ask this question, then you are not a good fit for Lady Snow. 


Q. Does the Lady offer scat or blood play?
A. No. 


Q. Will the Lady permanently mark or mutilate my body?
A. No. 


Q.  Does the Lady offer edge play?
A. Lady Snow offers edge play with clients that she has seen for some time. She does not offer certain role-play or extreme breath play with new clients. 


Q. Will the Lady take me on as a lifestyle slave?
A. Lady Snow is currently not accepting lifestyle slaves. 


Q. Can the Lady provide a clear photo of Her face?
A. Respect Lady Snow' privacy and that of Her clients, a face photo is not provided as a condition for booking an appointment. 


Q. Can the Lady provide a fully nude photo?
A. Lady Snow is only interested in dealing with sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude photos of others may be found online. 


Q. What setting does the Lady provide?
A. Your scene will take place in one of the clean, safe and private studios located within the cities Lady Snow visits. They are fully equip with everything required for a scene. Lady Snow always welcomes any new toys you want to bring for your scene. 


Q. Are the photos really of the Lady and how recent are they?
A. All photos are of Lady Snow, they are all recent as well. Lady Snow also has an Only Fans account that you may follow to see new photos and videos daily. 


Q. Will the Lady keep my privacy?
A. Privacy and discretion are assured for all of the experiences that Lady Snow provides. What occurs behind closed doors will always remain confidential. Recording devices are not permitted in the room and there is no view into the room from the outside. Lady Snow respects your privacy and discretion and expects you to provide Her with the same consideration.


Q. How safe are the experiences provided?
A. All activities are conducted with health and safety as a top priority. All surfaces are disinfected after each session and used implements are properly sterilized. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that poses a risk of transmittable infections.  


Q. How does the Lady disinfect surfaces/sterilize instruments?
A. Surfaces and toys/tools are cleaned with medical grade cleaners and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Insert-able instruments are washed with anti-bacterial soap, sterilized with clinical grade materials and covered with latex barriers when used. 


Q. Does the Lady party and play? 
A. Lady Snow does not take recreational drugs or drink any alcohol. She remains sober to ensure you receive a professional experience. 


Q. How much advance notice does the Lady need for an appointment?
A. Lady Snow's availability is limited. Pre-booking a minimum 24 hours in advance is required. Booking days ahead is recommended for best availability. 


Q. Where is the Lady located?
A. Lady Snow travels regularly between Calgary and Saskatoon. She will consider traveling outside of those areas for those who are serious about a scene. A deposit will be required for this booking. 


Q. What happens if I cannot make my appointment?
A. A phone call or text message at least two hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment is required. Lady Snow reserves the right to require a non-refundable deposit to book future appointments if the previous appointment is missed without notice. 


Q. Does the Lady have clothing for me to wear if I like to crossdress?
A. Lady Snow does have an assortment of items that boys may wear. She also has wigs and makeup. That being said, She does not keep clothing in every size. If you like to play dress-up Lady Snow does encourage you to bring your own, She also offers to store them for you. When booking your scene please advise Lady Snow of your sizes. 


Q. Does the Lady teach?
A. Lady Snow always enjoys sharing Her knowledge with others. She does make time in her schedule to give workshops and classes. If you are interested in organizing one please contact Her in regards to Her fees. Please know in advance what topics you would like to cover and include that in your booking. 


Q. Does the Lady take newcomers?
A. Walking someone through their first BDSM experience, seeing their reactions, both physical and emotional if a very special thing. The Introduction to BDSM appointment will include an intake and discussion time as well as a short scene that introduces you to what was discussed. This gives new clients the opportunity to discover their own BDSM preferences. 


Q. I never tried BDSM, will I like it?
A. That is something only you can answer. Researching into the BDSM lifestyle, what fetishes are out there as well as what peaks your interest-even when watching porn- is a good starting point. 


Q. Will there be sex involved?
A. Domination is about sensation and a state of mind. They are both an emotional journey, yet can exist completely separate. There will be no sexual contact. Domination is not prostitution. Domination is about the experience and the power exchange. The end feeling is a greater reward than what intercourse could ever provide. 


Q. Does it hurt?
A. BDSM involves sensations. It does not need to be painful, it can also be sensual. Starting gentle and building up to stronger sensations provide a greater experience, bringing you deeper into "subspace". 


Q. Does the Lady play with all sexes?
A. Lady Snow does not discriminate. She enjoys scenes and encounters with all. 


Q. Does the Lady accept scenes with couples?
A. Lady Snow does accommodate couples. For new couples, she does separate intakes.


Q. Who is the Lady's clientele?
A. Lady Snow welcomes any submissive who is private, polite, educated, and willing to learn. She enjoys providing a clean, unique, upscale and discreet experience.  
Lady Snow welcomes men, women, couples and any in the LGBT+ community.


Q. How can I ensure a response to my session inquiry?
A. Please remember that Lady Snow is a Professional Dominatrix. For that reason, if you do not use proper etiquette and manners, She will not reply to your booking request. 
To keep your privacy, Lady Snow will respond to text messages within 90 minutes and emails within 24 hours. 
If, for some reason, Lady Snow has not replied to your text message within the 90 minutes, please text again. 
She does this to ensure that you do not receive a text message when it is not convenient for you. 


Q. What are the Lady's hours?
A. Bookings may be made between 10 am and 10 pm, Monday to Friday. Booking a minimum of 24 hours in advance will guarantee your requested time. 


Q. Are the Lady's locations wheelchair accessible? 
A. Yes, both in Saskatoon and Calgary.


Q. I have received confirmation of my scene. How should I prepare for my appointment?
A. Please eat something light in an hour or two before the session and arrive having recently showered. If your hygiene is an issue, Lady Snow may insist on a shower before the scene begins. 

Prepare the tribute in an unsealed envelope to be presented to Lady Snow upon arrival.


Please do not make Lady Snow ask for the tribute. 

If your interests are more "invasive", please use an enema kit at home before arriving. A cleaning fee is applied if a mess happens. 


Q. What is the proper etiquette during my visit?
A. Be on time. Do not arrive early for your scene. If you are late, that will be subtracted from your booked time with no discount. Respect both Lady Snow's time, your time and her other submissive's time. 

Be polite, respectful and honest. Lady Snow holds you to the same standard that she holds herself. 

If you cannot make your booking, please email or text to reschedule at least 2 hours before your scene. If you choose to cancel with no warning this will result in a no show. A no show means you will pay an extra fee of $50 the next time you attempt to re-book a session. If you are a repeat offender, Lady Snow reserves the right to no longer take bookings from you. 

Lady Snow enjoys gifts, all Dominants do. However, they are not expected. If you do not know what Lady Snow prefers you may review her wishlist.






Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Love is gained and loyalty is returned.