private training

Submission is not about authority nor is it about obedience; it is, however about relationships of love and respect. 

Forms of Training



Introducing BDSM and the fetish lifestyle to

any novice is one of Lady Snow's greatest

skills. From one on one to couples to groups,

Lady Snow teaches about Domination,

submission, honest communication, safety,

fetishes, and more. 

One on one focuses on what role calls to

you, Dominant, submissive, slave perhaps


Couples training provides a safe space that

allows for open communication and

discussion about each other's fetishes and

desires, enhancing foreplay and bringing

both parties closer together.


Group training is a space where couples or

a few friends are able to learn, ask

questions, as well as gain tips and tricks to

further their own personal experience. 

When contacting for private training, please

include what type of training, if you are a

Dominant or submissive/slave and what

fetishes and/or fantasies call to you. 

Lady Snow expects all contact to be presented in a polite and respectful format. There is no excuse for lack in manners.

The best way to love someone is to help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.