Sensual Domination

In every Dominant's heart there is a nerve that answers to the vibration of submission. 

What is Sensual Domination?

Sensual domination focuses more on the pleasure over pain. It does not involve violence, aggression or humiliation. It involves pleasurable sensations, role play, psychological mind fucking, as well as the ability to pull the submissive into a longer period of subspace.  


This style of domination requires more patience and a greater understanding of a submissive's turn-ons and state of mind. Open communication before and during a scene can help make things more enjoyable for all. 

Even though it is a more mild form of domination, a safe word is still required to ensure the interaction never takes the submissive out of their comfort zone. 

What could I experience in a sensual domination scene?



Below is a brief list of just a few fetishes that Lady Snow enjoys. If you do not see what you are looking for feel free to contact Lady Snow and inquire. 


  • Sensory Deprivation Play/Blindfolds/Gags

  • Breath Control/Smothering 

  • Sploshing 

  • Electricity

  • Foot/Shoes/Leg worship 

  • Sissy Play/Training

  • Animal Play

  • Little Play

  • Financial Domination

  • Wax 

  • Strapon/Prostate Massage

  • Bondage/Mummification

  • Latex Clothing

  • Trampling

  • Role Play

  • Human Furniture

  • Golden Showers

  • Psychological

  • Dinner/Dominatrix

  • Tease & Denial 

Hard Limits/Services not offered. 

  • Scat/Brown Shower Play

  • Blood Play

  • Permanent Damage

  • Intimate Body Worship

  • Incest Role Play

  • Real Animals

  • Under Age slave/submissive

  • Switching

Lady Snow expects all contact to be presented in a polite and respectful format. There is no excuse for lack in manners.

I refuse to live in the ordinary world as an ordinary woman, to enter into ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy.      

-- Anais Nin